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The Experience Of A Lifetime: The Sahara

The Sahara is more divine than natural, giving you the feeling that you have left Earth when you are standing there. If the journey up the dunes does not cause you to stop and catch your breath, the vistas after you reach will.

Witnessing how a dune will move and reform in the desert air, or watching the entire desert floor move and splash in the wind, will lead you to assume you are seeing a visual illusion.

A night spent in a camp of tents surrounded by a thick layer of celebrities, without any light pollution, noise, or electricity, is without a doubt a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
No other location in Morocco, in our opinion, offers quite as limiting, significant, and seductive scenic views as the Moroccan Sahara, which was once a part of the ancient caravan route used to transport commodities from Sub-Saharan Africa to the imperial city of Marrakech and beyond, including gold, silver, salt, flavors, and servants. You might find yourself squeezing on your own at a serene time if you get to experience typical Saharan food, friendliness, and live music in the Desert!

At the very least, getting to know “The Ship of the Desert,” the camel, on your own will make you grin, and riding one in a place like the Moroccan Sahara is beyond exciting.

The Modern Globe Retreat
If you decide to arrange a camel journey or camel expedition into the desert and leave the world as you know it behind, visiting the desert regions of the South will enhance your sense of feeling as though you have fled the contemporary world.

It has been remarked that to reach the Sahara is to visit what should unquestionably be the region where they empty the globes shapely! You could agree when you look out over the desert from a sand dune in the Sahara.

The Sahara’s Three Entrances
The Moroccan Sahara is vast and extensive, hostile, and in some places unreachable. Three southern regions are known as entrances to the Sahara, and all three offer you unique adventures, desert experiences, and the best photographic chances throughout your journey and stay, despite being accessible from Marrakech. If you are unfamiliar with the Moroccan Desert Region

To reach the Lihoudi Dunes and the Chigaga Dunes, travel south from Marrakech, then south once more through the Draa Valley at Ouarzazate.

To get to the Chebbi Dunes from Marrakech, head south and then south-east through the Dades Valley at Ouarzazate.
Zagora The Draa Valley Serves As Erg Chigaga’s Main Entrance

My hometown, Zagora, lies in the Draa Valley, south of Ouarzazate.

The Draa is a remarkable natural wonder, a two hundred kilometer long valley that runs from Ouarzazate to Zagora and features enormous date palm plantations as far as the eye can view, great rivers and irrigation streams, sandcastle-styled settlements, and Kasbahs.
52 Days in Timbuktu

In the past, Zagora served as an important trading hub for camel campers traveling across the Sahara. This fact is famously denoted by a weathered sign that features a camel and a wanderer wearing a faded indigo bandana and the epic phrase “Timbuktu 52 Days,” whether they are traveling on foot or by camel.
Changing Dunes
Although not the highest dune set in Morocco, the Erg Lihoudi, past Zagora, is a long, undulating, magnificent, rustic, and earth-colored stretch of sands that will nonetheless make you gasp for air. These sands create distinctive patterns and breathtaking natural vistas. The Lihoudi Dunes are a fantastic and fascinating way to learn about the desert and the southern part of the world.

Even if you only have a short amount of time in Morocco, a desert excursion to and from Zagora provides you the chance to see the gorgeous Draa valley and the Sahara.

Erg Chigaga’s M’hamid Entrance via the Draa Valley
If you continue south from Zagora towards the sanctuary town of M’hamid, you will practically come to a stop since M’hamid is the final south outpost in this area before entering the Sahara, and beyond it, there are 4,800 kilometers of desert.

Past M’hamid, there is a lunar rock landscape that is eerily beautiful, after which incredible sands—the magnificent, impressive, and astonishing Erg Chigaga—that can only be reached by 4 4 and by camel—come into view.

Real and Remote Dunes

There is no doubt that entering the desert via M’hamid is a more historically and truly southern experience. The first significant oasis that the ancient trade caravans entered after traversing the Sahara for several months at a time was M’hamid.
You can discover and see some of the most isolated, tallest, and largest dune embeds in the Moroccan Sahara on a desert scenery tour from M’hamid to the Chigaga Dunes. You will also travel through the entire picturesque Draa Valley Merzouga, Entryway To Erg Chebbi Via The Dades Valley.

To get to Merzouga, a tiny village southeast of Ouarzazate, one must go through the Valley of Roses, the Dades and Todra Gorges, a valley of magnificent Berber settlements, and a valley of Kasbahs.

It is rather something to finally find yourself next to the magnificent Erg Chebbi dunes.

Mesas of Sand
Inn We Stay At:

The ground begins to change as you get closer to Merzouga from dark brown to golden sand, and the enormously colorful dunes of Chebbi suddenly appear in front of you. Ochre-sanded Moroccan pyramids that commonly accommodate film crews shooting on location.

It must be acknowledged that you might meet more people here than at Erg Chigaga. You can stroll right into a dune site from Merzouga because the town is situated right on the edge of the dunes. Having saying that, Hassan can direct you to spots where you may experience the dunes in a little more peace and quiet.

With a desert tour from Merzouga, you can see and learn about some of the tallest dunes in the world.
Ochre sand from Morocco is used regularly by film teams for on-location shooting.

It must be acknowledged that you might meet more people here than at Erg Chigaga. You can stroll right into a dune site from Merzouga because the town is situated right on the edge of the dunes. Having saying that, Hassan can direct you to spots where you may experience the dunes in a little more peace and quiet.

Although Erg Chigaga is the furthest dune set from Marrakech, a desert tour from Merzouga gives you the chance to see and learn about some of the highest dunes in the Moroccan Sahara, which are much more easily accessible.

Additionally, while on the path, you can admire the

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