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Fez – Imperial City

Fez is located North of Marrakech, as the heart of spiritual, intellectual and also cultural Morocco, it is likewise a city extra major and unconcerned than Marrakech.

Faded yet stately, falling apart however happy, the 1,200-year-old walled city of Fez may well be the largest and also most enduring and total middle ages Islamic negotiation of the Arab globe. It is without an uncertainty Morocco’s spiritual and also social heart and the earliest of Morocco’s Imperial cities.

Ancient Discoveries


Fez, you will certainly discover, is an unmappable maze of alleys, souks and cul-de-sacs and you need to create a completely brand-new means to orientate on your own. Straying randomly, never rather knowing where you are as well as discovering a brand-new prize is part of the pleasure as well as the more you get shed, the a lot more you find, such is the charm of Fez. However must you not wish to be ‘lost’ in Fez, Hassan or a participant of our prolonged group will certainly assist you navigate the city.

Enter The Middle Ages

Fez appears to be suspended in time in between the Center Ages and our modern world. It is not a trendy as well as attractive city, unlike locations within the city of Marrakech. However, like Marrakech, it is a location that will certainly stimulate your detects like nothing else, with haunting as well as stunning sounds, limitless aesthetic information as well as unfiltered smells around every corner!

Artisan Craft Abound

It is a city that talks to its locals and site visitors alike in signs, as well as you can not overlook this. Couple of position on earth appear to imbued with hidden meanings in the patterns of hand bound carpetings, in the tattooed faces of the Berber peasant females, in the ethereal swirls of carved plaster in it’s design, in the voices of the conventional Sufi as well as Gnanou vocalists, and in the strategies of specialist craftsmen, are plentiful in Fez.\

Our Guest House

Casablanca overview

Fez is the city to see the Bab Boujeloud landmark entrance the major entryway into the Fes el-Bali (The old Quarter) and also souks of the exact same name, the stunning Bou Inania Medersa, a middle ages university with exceptional craftwork and also among wonderful beauty, the magnificent Karaouiyine Mosque, one of the earliest and most remarkable Mosques in the western Muslim globe, the El-Attarine Medersa a Muslim college considered to be among the wonders of Moorish style and from up on the roof covering you can look in amazement at the sight of the medieval medina as well as Colourful Dyers souk. Colour, colour anywhere!


Around The City Walls

From the 16th century damages of the Merinid Tombs, you can pick the city’s 365 mosques! While enjoying the sky of a night throng with hundreds of swifts returning to their nests in the old city’s open-aired medieval tanneries, a renowned image associated only with Fez.

Fez And It’s New City

However, like Marrakech, to find yourself in Fez is to find yourself shed in time. The old city of Fez is one of the globe’s last relocating picture shows of middle ages civilisation, with mosques, palaces, madrassas and a medina with crafts as well as trade that have barely changed in 1,000 years. And also look out for the donkeys with their overloaded knapsacks. In Fez, you are needed to press yourself by them, everywhere!

To discover the warren of narrow passages, bristling souks, gathered real estate, antiquated sector as well as venerable mosques, is to find yourself in a room where aspects of the Center Ages never ever pertained to an end!

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